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Learn The Benifits Of Outsourcing An Profesional Handyman Maintenance Services

Workers at Hotel resorts in Honolulu Hawaii get a list of on site troubleshooting projects on a hourly basis day to day agenda, moreover it is crucial they get the project started right away, there are many variations involved in construction even maintenance workers understand the importance of planning and purchasing material prior to starting any Construction inside the hotel or apartment units today on our blog post will give you insight on value on how hiring outsourced handyman services and Honolulu can help your hotel or apartment complex get the best for your buck.

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All construction service understand business owners because all we do is service them on a day to day, moreover your schedule is filled up and your employees are working 9 to 5 and even 5 to 1 a.m. in the morning, when this happens and things start to break and get damaged like drywall, painting, broken windows, broken window glass, broken doors, broken door hinges, the most common things to break inside and apartment clump faster than you can say 1 2 3 and now you’re trying to find your handyman or your in-house resort maintenance person to fulfill the daily schedule things are breaking and the project list is getting longer. Trustworthy maintenance services are available at your service in Honolulu Hawaii, all you need to do is look on Google or Yahoo and do searches you can even find these type of handyman on Craigslist or other search engines and different blogs reading them will definitely help you find the best installer, we lost in seeing other resorts and hotels that need immediate maintenance services go to Angie’s List and sometimes porch, these are just a few places where trustworthy Internet is available, therefore don’t be afraid to ask us about water damage remediation emergencies, you can also ask us questions about why the ceilings are soggy and the popcorn is falling off, there are many things the head maintenance man at your resort may not understand the way we do, especially tile installation broken tile repairs, broken bathtub repairs, broken light fixtures, broken door hinges and broken door handles or even cracks in the glass that could create issues for your next hotel guests when they arrive.


If this sounds familiar to you and it’s happening on a day to day basis please contact our maintenance services by filling out the request form at the top of our blog we appreciate that you read our blog, moreover leaving comments and reviews can help us get the best for your buck thank you.




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How To Build A New Door Entrance

Learn Today Door Hanging In A Custom Home

welcome back everybody we’re here to tell you about our most recent discovery as far as homeowners contacting us randomly about how to hang a door, so what we’ve done today is put together a video based on YouTube you’ll get the most upgraded finish you could possibly search for online, moreover if you follow the video step-by-step you’ll sure to grasp which tools to use basically here’s a list.

  • skill saw
  • compound miter saw
  • extension cords
  • razor knife
  • blue tape
  • sawhorses
  • pencil
  • Carpenters carpentry bags
  • hammers
  • nailbags
  • jigsaw
  • miter saw
  • wood saw
  • compressor
  • nail gun
  •  nailgun hoses
  • a box of £.16 nails
  • finish nails
  • Carpenters trim

Now that you have a list of door hanging tools, you need to prepare yourself meaning learning how to cut out a doorframe can be quite a task, so follow the video correctly, after the step-by-step wall hole cut out, you start the frame in the two by fours in that particular area, using the provided tools that you bought in the above list.

step-by-step directions include framing in the doorframe,  if you have a prehung door from Home Depot or Lowe’s you’re pretty much halfway done because all you need to do now after you cut the hole in the wall then you frame it out with 2 x 4 Douglas fir plywood, all you do now is install the prehung door in which case after the prehung door frame is installed you can remove the door hinges and the door off of the prehung door set up.

As soon as you’re done haying the door, you can start to install the trim on both sides of the door meaning the interior may have had drywall damage so you need to repair the drywall and then install the crown molding trim around the interior door, moreover on the exterior side of the door you need to install one by four treated plywood.


We want to thank you very much for visiting our handyman services website please come back for more tips and ideas about installation and carpentry services here in Honolulu Hawaii

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Humidity Finally Chilling out In Waikiki

Welcome back to our blog post everybody we just wanted to let everyone know about the humidity change, more over the past month and a half was grudgingly humid, moreover the humidity was so high that people ended up in hospitals nearby Queens hospital, Straub hospital Honolulu, reported many incidents of people over heating. We welcome all your comments and reviews about our local construction handyman services that offer homeowners pay plus, moreover finding discounts on hardwood flooring, hardwood floor repairs, tile renovation, drywall finishing and drywall installation drywall patch work, and of course last but not least interior and exterior painting services that is highly recommended this summer before the winter season hits Honolulu Hawaii tragically hard. In Hawaii we’re primarily looking at a severe weather change, as well as knowing that it’s been over 22 years, usually a hurricane hits every 20 years however there hasn’t been a hurricane that has hit Honolulu Hawaii in over 75 years, this is good news for Honolulu, the bad news is the next hurricane on its way could be tragically severe looking at a gale force wind of about 375 mile an hour harricane that would be a category 6 or 7 rated hurricane with gale force winds that could reach 400 miles an hour.

Painting Companies In Oahu Hawaii, Painters Honolulu HI,

The next time you plan a vacation to Hawaii and make sure you’re ready for a hurricane, moreover you can read the documents and study based on facts when a hurricane hits you need to know where hurricane shelters are located in Honolulu Hawaii as well as the neighbor islands. In Hawaii locals can tell when a hurricane is about to hit tragically, moreover it is more than obvious that this year 2015 you would highly imagine one hitting with the way the weather was, it was sweaty, the air was very thin, moreover the rainy conditions during the summer was very heavy it rain periodically heavy for about 2 weeks and a half, moreover we highly suggest staying in an air conditioned building or an air conditioned home.






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New or old doors it really doesn’t matter, because when it all boils down doors all get hung the same friend in the same and also they get refinish the same way, so if you’re living in a 1920 style home all it means that when we do demolition on your doors and cutting new door entrance and will be installing the same type of doors that was used in the 1920s, moreover we’re excited about your reviews and details pertaining to this blog post you can leave them in the comment box below.

Let’s take for example you just purchased a new home here in Hawaii, and what you’ve noticed is that your bedroom and your rear back of the house looks like you could use a new door or even a double door in which case it needs to be modified for a new application moreover figuring out exactly where to cut open that door consists of carpentry skills, that’s why we’re allowing all of you to get help from our professional carpentry services here in Honolulu.

moreover there are differentials when you’re cutting a wall open, you need to know exactly how high and the exact with moreover it doesn’t matter if it’s vinyl doors, metal doors, or antique hard wood mahogany doors which we highly recommend. If you’re highly considering installing a new door in the back of your home then will help you with every single phase application, moreover we have a host of new door install, in Honolulu offers glass doors that measure 36 by 80 door, and other doors 36 times, moreover that would come on 68 inches across with an 80 inch diameter.



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Learn Why Water Leaks Through Exterior Concrete

Extremely harsh weather conditions can increase the chances of rain water entering your home, especially concrete homes where homeowners would not expect water to leak through, surprisingly enough real estate owners and real estate brokers are constantly calling us to inform us there are cracks and separations in the existing exterior concrete wall where water seems to be leaking through causing interior drywall water damage where paint is cracking and peeling.

Leaving the drywall joints are separating with joint tape and paint and texture cracking off of the ceiling and walls, we’re excited to hear about your reviews and details so please leave them at the bottom of this blog post.

Surprisingly enough our home improvement specialist work with concrete, moreover there a different types of products that we use to stop leaks from entering a building, a commercial store, Shopping Center, or any type of store or apartment building where people live in, moreover we use these products to strengthen the concrete before we install the patch, this is crucial when you’re trying to stop water from leaking through concrete permanently. If you’re experiencing this type of damage in your establishment be absolutely certain to get a free concrete crack repair estimate from our home improvement services in Honolulu Hawaii, we’re more than help we’re all about recognition and experience in the construction industry moreover concrete is our specialty in all phases of cement work, Stonewall work, hollow tile block work, concrete fabrication and repair.





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Is Wood Floors Stronger Than Vinyl

Learn Why Vynil Flooring Could Be Best Floor Material Than Solid Wood

wood flooring hawaii, flooring,

here’s another wood floor vs vinyl flooring material blog post, and we’re basing this on reviews and testimonials from our recent wood and vinyl flooring installation, we value your comments and reviews so please leave them after you finish reading this blog post below

In case you’re up against the walls with flooring agendas, mainstream and corporate offices among the United States especially in Hawaii are finally justifying the difference between vinyl and wood.

* African Cedar * African Cherry * African Mahogany * African Oak * African Rosewood * African Sapele * African Walnut * Amendoim * American Cherry * Angelique * Ash * Asian Walnut * Australian Cypress * Bamboo * Beech * Birch * Brazilian Cherry * Brazilian Hickory * Brazilian Oak * Brazilian Rosewood * Brazilian Teak * Brazilian Verde * Brazilian Walnut * Chestnut * Copaiba * Doussie * Elm * Eucalyptus * Exotics-other * Hevea * Hickory * Iroko * Ironwood * Jarrah * Jequitiba * Kempas * Lapacho * Magnolia * Mahogany * Maple * Melia * Merbau * Moabi * Oak * Padauck * Pine * Red Oak * Rosewood * Santos Mahogany * Sapele * Sucupira * Tauari * Teak * Tiete Chestnut * Tiete Rosewood * Tigerwood * Timborana * Walnut * Wenge * White Oak * Yellow Birc Affordable prices and quality installers Oahu can hire oncall at Brick Flooring, Oak Laminate Flooring, Carpet Cleaning, Porcelain Tile Cleaning, Carpet Dyeing, Porcelain Tile Installation, Carpet Installation, Porcelain Tile Repair, Carpet Repair, Porcelain Tile Sealing, Carpet Stores, Radiant Floor Heating, Carpet Stretching, Rug Cleaning, Ceramic Tile Cleaning, Slate Flooring, Ceramic Tile Installation, Slate Tile Cleaning, Ceramic Tile Repair, Slate Tile Installation, Ceramic Tile Sealing, Slate Tile Repair, Concrete Flooring, Slate Tile Sealing, Flooring Contractors, Stone Polishing, Grout Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Grout Repair, Tile Installation, Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Tile Laminate Flooring, Hardwood Floor Repair, Tile Polishing, Hardwood Flooring Installation, Tile Sealing, Laminate Flooring Travertine, Tile Cleaning, Laminate Flooring Repair, Travertine Tile Installation, Limestone Flooring, Travertine Tile Repair, Limestone Patio, Travertine Tile Sealing, Linoleum Flooring, Vinyl Flooring Repair, Linoleum Flooring, Repair Vinyl Floors, Marble Polishing, Vinyl Sheet Flooring, Marble Tile Cleaning, Vinyl Tile Cleaning, Marble Tile Installation, Vinyl Tile Flooring, Marble Tile Repair, Wood Laminate Flooring, Natural Stone Flooring, * Flooring * Wood Flooring * Laminate Flooring * Hardwood Flooring * Engineered Hardwood Floors * Bamboo Flooring * Cork Flooring * Stone Flooring * Travertine Tile * Marble Tile * Granite Tile * Slate Tile * Sandstone Tile * Limestone Tile * Tile Flooring * Ceramic & Porcelain Tile * Glass Tile & Mosaics * Carpet & Rugs

these 2 topics are very crucial to your next installation, moreover if you’re thinking about installing wood floors in your kitchen we don’t recommend that, because whenever you’re washing dishes or just washing your hands water splashes on the floor or you have a dishwasher leak it’s imparative to sogginess and dampness.

kitchen floor that’s around your countertop islands and granite countertops marble flooring attach closely or even your cabinets are all at huge risk factors, don’t want to impair your cabinets because if the water soaks into your wood floor it’s definitely not going to evaporate in time enough to stop mold and mildew from damaging the subfloor, however if you have a concrete floor then you’re in good hands. in Hawaii we have different climates, climates affect your wood floors and they also affect any type of flooring material especially if you have a solid wood floor meaning when your original contractor installed your sub floor he used Douglas furr

studs or floor joist and, moreover after installing the floor joist, 2 by 10, studs, they use a three quarter inch treated plywood material as a sublease floor installation.

In many cases contractors believe having a concrete floor will help stop moisture and water damage from occurring especially when you have a wood floor, wood floor need a concrete floor base because it keeps water from saturating underneath the laminate, moreover if you have a laminate wood floor it doesn’t matter how much water is underneath or how much water flooded the top layer of the floor material, it can’t be justified because a lot of the flooring detailers in flooring makers use particle board that’s why you see the puffiness on the edges of laminate floor slap, it is a direct indication that that laminate product is not quality or strong enough to handle water-resistant measures, moreover if you’re looking for a water resistant floor product you’d be looking at purchasing vinyl vs wood. For a free wood floor or vinyl floor estimate we like it very much if you contact us 808 688 6309 for free flooring estimates and will give you the best price per square foot, moreover we have a 2000 square foot flooring showroom in Honolulu Hawaii that you’d be very interested in viewing we also have hardwood cabinets countertop material and other types of material.








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Learn Smooth Textures Today In Honolulu Hawaii

Fabricating stucco for custom homes in Hawaii can be challenging for most homeowners, moreover that’s why concrete plaster and drywall contractors specialize in smooth stucco finish using specialized equipment such as hoper guns, and texture rig to apply this type of cement finish prior to what you’re about to read, we appreciate youre comment.

In regards to concrete work, the man is an application that should be installed by specialty installers that work for Lowes and Home Depot, moreover whole industry trends revolve solely around Lowes and Home Depot and their clients and customers that are looking for concrete contractor and Cement contractor handyman that are various.

finishing concrete walls using finishing expertise, and best type of concrete foundation or exterior home using  recommendation for this paper construction work is about to get started, all you need to do is choose and select the type of finish for exterior columns and walls and specially on garages, and the front entrance usually pinpoint the customisation and the finish work, moreover if you’re one of those type of people that like custom doors such as doors with custom glass work, and specialized woodwork you need to contact us to our sidebar.

masonry work is very strategic especially when it comes to hardening and the application of stucco, you need to be aware of which type of adhesive glues that make the application stick guaranteed, moreover if you’re just hiring a handyman to install stucco you need to be aware of their expertise in the industry, or over home improvement specialist like to point out to installers that have more than 20 years in the industry such as


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Ceilings High or Low In Custom Homes

Custom Homes build to increase visibility especially when your guests arrive at the front entrance gate, moreover considering the best ceiling heights reflects upon color matching and home decor especially when you’re considering installing beans and glue lamb’s.

The type of material that you used to build your ceilings this crucial, moreover contractors consider all types o angles and cuts especially if you’re installing an attic in the guest room and having your custom decor reflect upon the kitchen and large living area where marble tile and ceramic kitchen renovation that you were about to do.

Today was very interesting when we drove out to the west side Honolulu Hawaii, Oahu is truly  one of the best islands to have your architect design your custom home, moreover hyping ceilings definitely bring out vibrant and it keeps your home ice in pool allowing fresh air especially if your roof is made of marble or Italian tile roofing contractors will install on your request.

If you were looking to immediately hire a carpenter or carpenter construction contractor that has experience in architecture such as building piping ceilings, architectural design rchitectural design such as fabricating aluminum or metal stud framing it’s probably your best choice, moreover if you’re on the Westside Honolulu Oahu Hawaii, you should highly consider using sheet metal / Douglas fir wood material.

not only is it important to have fuel truck and stole, you must understand the type of material that is set on display at our construction warehouse in Honolulu Hawaii, moreover we can show you samples of the type of study that we used and layout engineering, prior to the installation of all sheetrock and drywall plaster contractors and drywall contractors did we hire to do all of our work.









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See What Happened When Plumbers Check Toilet Back-flow Into Shower Drains

Open and shut off valves wont stop water from backing and clogging of drains,” the primary cause and effect however resides when a household member flushes toilet and suddenly you see a reservoir of dirty water backing up into shower.


we welcome you’re comments and info in a share on Facebook or likes to understand how we can resolve plumbing draining issues,” please leave them

Its unbelievable how drainpipes can back up in your shower pan, moreover it’s a sight for sore eyes, suddenly your rushing to the bathroom 6 AM in the morning,” take the dump fflush the toilet,” the next thing you know raw sewage water is backing up in your shower,” the question homeowners would ask is what do I do when these drainpipes suddenly clogs on its own.

if you see standing water in a floor drain bathroom shower or bathtub, you immediately contacted plumber, moreover plumbers know exactly which equipment best use and worst-case scenarios,” plumbers have the ability to feel exactly what’s clogged drain,” so what they do is use a professional mechanical drain cleaner machine called a snake,” or a sectional machine.

a lot of these drain issues as trial and error,” you never know if something is stock or a route from a large tree is growing.

now what you want to do is get the plumber to set up their rigid  drain snake machine, which you want to do is feed the snake into the open hearing my hand,” iis common for customers to call and say that their floor drains clogged up, the piping under the floor gets backed up especially in buildings and apartments where connecting units are using or connected to the same piping system.

we set and 30 feet of cable, now that I go through the front cleanout, the building drain underneath the floor transitions from the building into the street sewer line.

if we find things stuck in the grant, what we want to do is push it out completely into the main sewage line,” afterward done snaking  we want to insert a plumbing camera drain cameras can detect what type or obstructions may be stuck.

big snakes can fit into four-inch pipes, in some cases 3 inch pipes is possible, moreover you need a smaller snake for bathroom showers or kitchen sink.

after the sewer inspection and camera detection,” everything should be back to normal again 100% clean drain lines.

if you have any questions that you need answered please contact our Honolulu Hawaii handyman services Oahu handyman 808-688-6309




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Whats Best Stucco Color For Interior Concrete Finished Walls

Customizing the framing and set foundation design requires state of the art craftsmanship” soon as we’re done with variations in level of preparation of finish work Concrete coloring and finish-work and level of quality per sq ft” leveling each area using a scale to measure depth of finish. if you recently  discovered  cracks and breaks in your stucco, please leave a comment would be happy to hear about what you have to say.

here’s an example of the kind of quality that we look for whatever were doing the Browning, moreover the Browning of stucco finish is very important it determines the final phase of your stucco finish work as you see in this video.

this is a message to homeowners” if you’re not experiencing concrete and masonry and you’re trying to attempt this at home make absolutely certain that you follow the procedures and steps given  from this free demolition and re-installation of exterior stucco video segment.

there are many things a homeowner can attempt to do it home, moreover plumbing, electrical, and other minor home repairs such as painting and drywall it’s fine to do it yourself however when it comes to stucco we highly recommend you hire a professional concrete masonry stucco refinishing company for the experience and the quality finish.

After we remove the stucco we have to remove the plywood this behind the chicken wire, we have to remove all the old ship and crack stucco, then we start proceeding with cutting and installing the proper measurement for the stucco opening patch job.

 When we install the metal lath,” it has to go on evenly underneath your existing stucco finish, that’s in order to get a smooth level finish that is flawless to match the existing.

so what we do is cut open the Hardy backer and install it inside the area that was demolished, we use stucco paper  not tar paper, that’s a double D 15 pound moisture barrier vapor retention product.

as we continue to chip out and remove any remaining  chip stucco,” the preparation of installing the metal lath, using 1 1/2 inch roofing nails, stucco should be at least three quarters of an inch thick, that prevents it from cracking throughout the years, moreover using a adhesive plaster concrete glue increases strengthening over time.

you also want to sure when you’re attaching the metal lath over the Hardy backer and roofing paper, you want to do overlapping at least an inch and a half to 3 inch overlap over the remaining over last, since this is a smaller stucco patch repair installation video,  we want to make sure that we mixed the mud stick when where thickening the stucco concrete we make its stiff enough to stick to the last,” the finer the San the better it sticks to you the original lathing.

this is what we call doubling up to get your stucco three quarters of an inch,” yyou want to make sure you level and straighten out your brown coat, to match the existing wall.

you have to play very close attention to your edging you want to run it perfectly level using a green float, it helps to ensure your smooth finish on all edges of your stucco finish.

yyou have to wait until your mod is stiff enough and wet before you floated so you can level out the Browning more, soon as everything is leveled you take your masonry – brush  and sprinkle on the desired Orangepeel  texture over the dried finish  product.

as soon as that part is dried you run your skip trial over the orange peel to spread out evenly.

Thank you for watching our videos and taking your time to partake.

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